Sungrove Energy provides both preventive maintenance as well as break down maintenance so that its clients can enjoy their solar Systems with complete efficiency and minimal loss of energy, money and time. These comprehensive maintenance plans are available even to residential and commercial installations already done by other installers and not producing satisfactory results.

Preventive Maintenance: Our preventive maintenance plan includes complete overhauling of the system on regular basis, condition monitoring of all equipment's and replacing parts where necessary so that the ROI on the investment is improved for the client and there is no loss of time or money to our clients.

Breakdown Maintenance: Our team of engineers and technicians have great experience working with both Solar PV systems and solar heating systems and are confident of troubleshooting and repair all kind of systems irrespective of the brands.

Our maintenance agreements can be categorized in three different models

- Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract

- Non Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract

- Accidental and Normal Repair as per the requirement

Please contact us to find the best maintenance strategy for your Solar System.