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Working with clients to find the best deal on commercial solar power systems

      The Sungrove Energy commercial solar power team works with customers helping to develop projects that will utilize the vast quantities of untapped solar energy across the country.

      Whether the focus of the project is offsetting current energy usage and reducing energy bills or investing in large scale solar farms, the Sungrove Energy Commercial Team works with clients to develop commercial solar power systems that reflect their energy usage and budget.

      By examining a client’s energy profile, site & location variables, and then listening to their financial goals, Sungrove Energy is able to calculate the size of commercial solar power installation most appropriate for the client and map a time-line for realizing untapped potential in our clients' energy consumption habits.

Why use Sungrove Energy for your Commercial Solar Power project?

- Sungrove Energy is impartial, and answers all client questions about commercial solar power objectively.

- Sungrove Energy comprises a team of highly experienced consultants with diverse backgrounds in renewable energy, engineering, environmental science, finance, law and architecture.

- We broker the best value offers on commercial solar energy systems.

- Our network of independent solar companies encompasses all prominent and competitive solar companies with sufficient resources and experience to meet any large-scale commercial solar energy installation.

- As we are an impartial service we can prevent our clients being besieged by different sales pitches.

- Sungrove Energy clients benefit from a co-ordinated timetable with clear and specific stages to progress the decision making process, we've developed the Sungrove Energy Tender Management Platform to streamline the handling of Commercial tenders and allow a more interactive approach for clients.

- We facilitate “apples with apples” comparisons, so that our clients make an educated decision based on real choice rather than irrelevant variations and disparity.

- We remain on hand for our clients up to and even after installation, acting as their third party advocate and information provider, and to facilitate communications between them and the successful installer.

Solar water pumps systems:

      A Solar water pump system installed by Sungrove Energy can drastically improve your company's electric bill by collecting the rays of the sun and converting them into electricity to power your businesses or farms (i.e. irrigation, dairies, chillers, grape presses, water pumps, barns, and even your offices.) Please contact one of the Sungrove energy representative for knowing more on details of the technical aspects of a solar water pumps systems or its pricing.